Lent allows us an opportunity to slow down and reflect on the events leading up to Jesus' death and resurrection. For a long time, I had head knowledge of the events of Christ's Passion. Only recently have I began to have heart knowledge of these events. Jesus loves you. Do you know that? Do you understand … Continue reading Agape

Finding Jesus: Lessons from Simeon

I've fallen into a comfortable routine: wake up, take the dog out, get kid's lunches packed, wake kids up, take kids to school, return home and do a variety of different tasks depending on the day of week, pick kids up, begin evening plans, put kids to bed, and go to bed. My daily life … Continue reading Finding Jesus: Lessons from Simeon

Hey Momma, It’s Okay . . .

I look around and feel overwhelmed by messages telling me I’m “not enough.” Not skinny enough, parenting well enough, putting enough effort into my home, spending enough time with my spouse, giving my children enough experiences, etc.  It. Is. Exhausting. Overwhelming. Social media accelerates these messages when I mindlessly scroll through feeds and see what everyone … Continue reading Hey Momma, It’s Okay . . .