Finding Jesus: Lessons from Simeon

I've fallen into a comfortable routine: wake up, take the dog out, get kid's lunches packed, wake kids up, take kids to school, return home and do a variety of different tasks depending on the day of week, pick kids up, begin evening plans, put kids to bed, and go to bed. My daily life … Continue reading Finding Jesus: Lessons from Simeon

The Fog of Motherhood

Have you ever been to San Francisco, California? I visited this beautiful city during my early teen years and the fog phenomenon fascinated me. It's mesmerizing to watch the clouds slowly roll back, revealing nature's true intent for the day. The heavy gray roll against the bright blue sky is simply gorgeous! Photo by Patrik … Continue reading The Fog of Motherhood

My Day

I became a servant of this gospel by the gift of God's grace given me through the working of his power.  --Ephesians 3:7 My first Bible study at my church led me to ask some pretty powerful things of God.  It didn't seem powerful at the time, but looking back on how it's changed my … Continue reading My Day