Advice for Young Moms, From a Young(ish) Mom

I know, I know. There are all kinds of tips and tricks out there. Stick with me while I offer some unsolicited advice to fellow mommas. These words came to me after a nice, long bubble bath...which means nothing more than this list isn't a reaction to anything, but rather a revelation during some quiet … Continue reading Advice for Young Moms, From a Young(ish) Mom

social MEdia

Back in February, I walked away from Facebook. I deactivated my account and didn't look back! In July, I made a slow return. My grandfather passed away and I found myself logging on to read the heartfelt comments left on my and my family member's posts about my beloved grandpa. It did not take long for the … Continue reading social MEdia

Hey Momma, It’s Okay . . .

I look around and feel overwhelmed by messages telling me I’m “not enough.” Not skinny enough, parenting well enough, putting enough effort into my home, spending enough time with my spouse, giving my children enough experiences, etc.  It. Is. Exhausting. Overwhelming. Social media accelerates these messages when I mindlessly scroll through feeds and see what everyone … Continue reading Hey Momma, It’s Okay . . .