Advice for Young Moms, From a Young(ish) Mom

I know, I know. There are all kinds of tips and tricks out there. Stick with me while I offer some unsolicited advice to fellow mommas. These words came to me after a nice, long bubble bath…which means nothing more than this list isn’t a reaction to anything, but rather a revelation during some quiet time with the Lord.*

  1. Don’t Pinterest parent.
    I’m so glad Pinterest didn’t really exist when I was a first-time mom. All the things moms do now for parties and playtimes, I just can’t. It was a simpler time all those years ago . . . (you know, back in 2007).
  2. Don’t compare your parenting skills to your social media feed.
    I mean, this is applicable to EVERYONE really. DO NOT COMPARE YOURSELF TO YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA FEED. Inevitably, someone will be doing it “better.” Social media is really not the place to find transparent honesty.
  3. Befriend a mom with older kids.
    She’s been there and done it. She can relate to your struggles, and SHE SURVIVED! She will give you hope that there is light at the end of the dark (foggy, isolated, tear-filled) tunnel.
  4. Befriend a mom with kids the same age/s as yours.
    You’ll want to commiserate. You’ll also know pretty quickly if you parent the same. I can’t tell you how many times I felt like my struggle was unique, but later learned others dealt with the same frustrations. I mainly dealt with this when I transitioned from being a working mom to a stay-at-home mom.
    All caps. It’s important. It should be first, but I wanted to lure you in. Stop scrolling and open the Bible app. There are a plethora of parenting reading plans! Find one, and get in God’s word daily. I know, I know. There’s not time. Make it. I promise you, you will not regret finding 15 minutes for the Lord every single day.
  6. Take all your concerns to Jesus.
    He cares about all of them! Only He can help you find peace. Yes, He has also placed people in your life who can help you with solid answers (Pampers vs. Store Brand), but you can also talk to Him about the struggles and joys of parenting. It becomes a habit…a very, very good habit! It will serve you well as you get older.
  7. Remind yourself GOD CHOSE YOU to parent this kid/these kids and you are doing a PERFECTLY IMPERFECT JOB. And that’s okay!
    He knew the struggles you’d have, the choices you’d make…and He still created YOU for THEM, and THEM for YOU. No one is perfect. We are ALL doing our best. Stop judging yourself, other moms, and rest in this truth.
  8. Spend time away from your family, alone.
    Take a bath, read a book. They will survive for 30 minutes, and it’s amazing what that time will do for your soul…and sanity.
  9. Invest in your husband.
    Make the time. Go on the dates. Don’t talk about the kids.
  10. Enjoy parenting. Soak it up. 
    BUT, it’s also okay to not love it all. I detested giving my kids baths. Still do, and am counting down the days until the youngest can take a shower by herself. Others think it’s a magical time. I think it’s a messy time. And I also detest cleaning up their mess.   🙂

Chasing Christ,

Feature Photo by Sabine van Straaten on Unsplash

*Really, I feel like some of my biggest revelations from the Lord happen in my bathroom. Probably because it’s the only room where my kids won’t follow me (now – this only changed because they’ve reached ages where I can tell them it’s not appropriate to follow mommy to the bathroom).

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