What About Jesus?

Let me tell you something. Spiritual attacks are real. I plan on writing more about that specific topic in coming months. For now, know this: the enemy seeks to steal, kill and destroy (John 10:10). He wants to steal your attention away from God. He wants to kill the plans God has for you. He wants to destroy your relationship with God. I firmly believe spiritual attacks increase as you move closer to God.

In the fall, I committed to blogging (again, insert eye roll) and posting encouragement on my social media pages. I lasted a few weeks. Writing is my passion and always has been. It predates my relationship with Christ. Y’all, I have bachelor degrees in history and political science with a masters in diplomacy.* Why? I loved researching and writing! But I digress . . .

Each time I start writing (again), the enemy comes at me hard. It happens so naturally I rarely see it as an attack. I fell off track in mid-October. The enemy threw all kinds of shiny things my way: renovating my house, painting, cultivating new friendships, strengthening existing friendships, getting involved more with school, volunteering, etc. Not bad things! All good things, but these good things led me astray. They took me away from consistently reading my Bible, working on Bible studies, reading, learning, praying, and encouraging others through my blog and social media.

Once I recognized what happened, I spent some time asking God why this keeps happening. And where am I going wrong? And what do I need to do??


Over and over again, I felt the Lord inviting me to focus on His Son. His Gift to all of humanity.

It seemed strange. I mean, I thought that’s what I had been doing. Hello, I named my blog “Chasing Christ through the Chaos!”

During this time, I was reading a book called Rediscover Jesus by Matthew Kelly. The author challenged me with this statement/question:

We seek to imitate Christ in our daily lives, but how well do we even know Him?

Really, pause and think about that a moment. Jesus is the foundation of Christianity, yet often we don’t talk about Him. We approach our spiritual lives as what it can do for us rather than how do we get to know Him more intimately. Even our quest to do “God’s will” (I think this has become quite a buzz-phrase amongst Christians, myself included) becomes self-centered. What should I do? How can I fulfill His plan for me?

Do you see it?

What if God’s will for our lives is simply to live and love like Jesus? The majority of us won’t have a big platform where we impact millions (for some this is a dream).

God led me to Jesus as my focus for 2020. I am spending the entire year in the Gospels. I’m going to do a Bible study on Jesus. I’m reading books about Jesus. I’m committing to praying more, including once a week for an hour in an Adoration chapel. I’m also going to share about Jesus. On my social media pages, I am posting something new about Jesus EVERY DAY in 2020.** I’d love for you to connect with me on Facebook and/or Instagram if you haven’t already!

It only takes a spark to start a fire. My hope this year is to spark something within you to chase Him.

Chasing Christ,

Feature Photo by Mads Schmidt Rasmussen on Unsplash

*Seriously, a master’s degree in Diplomacy. I’m a very educated stay at home mom who used to dream of negotiating peace treaties between war-torn countries and now use those skills very ineffectively to negotiate peace treaties between my kids.
**This came about as a challenge from Matthew Kelly in his book Rediscover Jesus. How many things could you list on a piece of paper about Jesus? Try it, and message me. I’d love to see your list. Perhaps you’ve thought of something I haven’t!

2 thoughts on “What About Jesus?

  1. Leslie Limardo says:

    This is so so good! I completely agree. As soon as I started writing something would happen! Another book/study I did that was really eye opening was lysa trequest Finding I Am. Help me to see Jesus in a different way. The one thing I have put into practice is that Jesus cared about whoever was in front of Him at the time. Now working at a high school and even at home I really try to stop and focus and listen. Cant wait to keep readimg your discoveries! Leslie

    Pardon my typing Sent from my iPhone



    • jenniferandes2014 says:

      I am going to check out her study! Thanks for sharing how you intentionally look for ways to be Christlike in your environment! Everyone in our path was put there by the Lord, and it’s so easy to forget…especially when we are feeling rushed!


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