Five-Minute Friday: Rain

I recently connected with a group on Instagram for writers. They have a “Five-Minute Friday” exercise and this is my first time participating! So much fun! I started out with a slightly fictional story and God really moved my words into a lesson. Here it is – enjoy!


The windshield wipers swooshed across the glass, trying desperately to keep up with the speed of rain. I drove down the windy road, eyes straining to see the lines through the heavy downpour, and prayed to God. My biggest fear is a car accident. I glanced quickly in the rearview mirror and saw the three blessings buckled in tightly, staring out the window. They knew better than to chatter while I was focusing on the road. I sat forward, convinced the closer I moved to the windshield the better I’d be able to see the road in front of me.

Trust me. A simple phrase I heard as I drove. Trust me.

I do trust You, Lord. But please, stop the rain. I can’t see where I am going. I just want to arrive safely. Please protect us.

Trust me. Trust me.

The only words I heard from Him.

It is difficult to trust in Him when the road ahead is blurry. I’m not sure where the road will go and I can’t see the lines very far in front of me.

A lamp for your path.

We aren’t supposed to see the whole journey though, are we? Isn’t that the foundation of faith? We keep taking steps in obedience, trusting Him to continue illuminating the path ahead.

I have struggled to be in control my whole life. Since surrendering my journey to Christ, it only seems that the struggle has worsened. He wants me to let go, but I keep gripping the steering wheel and leaning forward, desperately trying to make out the path ahead of me. I fear veering off and falling off the road.


I didn’t edit this – so forgive the errors!

In pursuit of Him,


One thought on “Five-Minute Friday: Rain

  1. Tina says:

    Love this!! Control is a big issue for me too. I am learning to loosen my grip a bit and trust that He will be with me in and through every circumstance.


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