Have a Mary Christmas

An unexpected head cold threw me off course this week. I had planned to spend the week cleaning my house, wrapping presents, working my Advent study, doing fun things with the kids, and preparing for the house full of family for the weekend. Instead, I spent a lot of time laying on my couch and complaining. I’m not good at being sick. It frustrated me.

This morning, I cleaned the entire house. My husband helped out by going to the grocery store and my kids helped out by playing nicely with one another. Then, he gave me the best gift ever: time. He took the kids out for lunch so I could have some quiet.

As I sit here and enjoy the peace, I have decided to have a Mary Christmas.

In the familiar Bible story from Luke 10, Martha and Mary take different approaches to the unanticipated visit from their dear friend Jesus.

I expect most of you are Martha’s today and tomorrow . . . maybe even Sunday. Hurriedly preparing for company coming in, or getting packed to travel. Rushing around to buy last-minute gifts, wrap presents, clean, and all the other tasks that seem really important. Likely this past week had you running around to your kid’s schools for programs, parties, and activities. Rush, rush, rush. Just like Martha. It’s how I spent my morning, too.

Now, I am stopping the rush and focusing on what’s really important this time of year. No more rushing around. No more hurrying. I intend to sit quietly each day at the feet of my Savior, who humbled Himself all those years ago and became man for me. His gift of eternal life will always trump any worldly gift.

I will enjoy my kids, my husband, and my family over the next few days. It’s going to be loud, messy, crazy, and chaotic. I will remember my loved ones who are celebrating up in heaven with Jesus this Christmas. We will all shed some tears for the presence that will be missed, but I will be joyful knowing because of Jesus’ gift my loved ones are with Him.

Quiet your heart.

Set aside the desire to make this “the best Christmas ever.”

Enjoy your family.

Remember those who aren’t with you this year.

Praise Jesus for the hope that came with His humble birth.

Have a Mary Christmas, friends.

Jennifer 💕

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