Journey, not Destination

I’ve recently started running again.  I posted about this in an earlier blog entry, and since then successfully completed my first 5K in years!  Tonight, I went out for my first post-5K run (3 weeks later) and I realized when I run, I have to keep my eyes fixed on the ground just a few step ahead.  When I begin to look up and fix my eyes on the destination, I get overwhelmed.  It’s so far.  I’ll never make it.  I’m so tired.  My legs hurt!  Instead, I focus my attention on the immediate next steps I need to take.  I focus on my breathing.  I focus on the music playing in my ears.  And while it’s not easy, I can do it.

For me, this accurately illustrates my walk with God.  He has called me to write and share my amazing journey with Christ.  When I focus on what I hope to be the destination – a published book – I get overwhelmed.  I’m not equipped.  There are other women who would be better at this.  A publisher will never be interested in me.  These thoughts try to distract me from my goal.  The enemy wants me to quit.  He whispers lies that I’ll never make it, so why even try.  I’ll be honest.  Some days, he succeeds in knocking me over.  Just like when I’m running, when my eyes are fixed on the destination I stumble over a crack and fall.  

Thankfully, we serve an amazing God.  When we stumble along the way, He is there with an outstretched hand ready to pull us back up.  He will set us straight on the path again.  With my eyes fixed on the next steps, I feel His peace.  I feel His guidance.  I feel Him equipping me for a seemingly impossible destination which I know is ONLY possible with Him.  So, I focus on His Word. I focus on the immediate tasks He has set before me.  I focus on His voice.  And while it’s not easy, I can do all things through Him who gives me strength (Philippians 4:13).

Maybe you’ve been there.  God has called you to do something, and it seems impossible.  It’s uncomfortable.  It’s easier to listen to the lies the enemy suggests to you.  When the destination is your focus, you will be overwhelmed.  God only reveals to us steps along the way.  His destination may look completely different than what you have painted in your mind!  Perhaps I won’t have a book contract, but He will use my passion to write and encourage women in another way.  It’s possible He may even have speaking in mind for me (this is a fear of mine).  He doesn’t reveal to us our destination so we don’t get overwhelmed and discouraged.  We make that up because it’s what we do as fallen humans.  We must learn to lean on Him and trust His path.

Focus your eyes not on the end result, but on the steps along the way.  Look for the obstacles the enemy will throw at you, and jump over them.  Knock them out of the park.  God will light your way.  He will equip you.  He will make the impossible possible.

Focus, and believe.

Blessings! 💕

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