My Saving Caitlin Grace

“I promise this very day that I will repay two blessings for each of your troubles.” — Zechariah 9:12

I never, ever will tire of telling the story of Caitlin – though some may tire of hearing it!  Early on, my husband and I discussed the number of kids we would like to have.  Three felt like a good fit, and then life happens.  Though I had “baby fever” when Colin turned three years old, we had gone back and forth and decided that two kids was a good fit.  We were blessed with two healthy children.  I never had the feeling of closure that some women feel when they know they are done having kids, so I began praying for God to give me that sense of peace if it was His will for us to have two kids.

Fast-forward to December 7, 2013 when I took a positive pregnancy test.  I cried, nervous about what the future would hold and how it would affect our family.  I have endometriosis, which can cause infertility issues in women, and was on a birth control pill when I became pregnant.  I am sharing this because I truly believe it was miraculous we got pregnant with those conditions.

Five months before I became pregnant, we started attending church regularly and I threw myself into studying Scripture and writing down verses that spoke to me.  I had some on notecards, some in journals, and some just highlighted in my Bible.  God was working in me during this time, preparing me for the next year.

On March 26, 2013 I had my 20-week anatomy scan.  That afternoon, shortly after my daughter got home from school, I received a phone call from my doctor.  Not the nurse, my actual doctor.  The ultrasound tech said I had a complete placenta previa, and I assumed she was calling to give me some restrictions for that.  Instead, she told me that there were three abnormalities on my anatomy scan that concerned her.  They were called “markers” and could indicate that something was wrong with the baby.  I don’t remember much from this conversation, and after I heard the term “incompatible with life” I pretty much lost it.  She assured me that it was possible everything was fine, but she wanted me to have a consultation with a high risk OB.  After getting off the phone, I first called my husband.  I then called my friend and the one thing I remember from our conversation was her instruction to pray.  I’ll admit that wasn’t my instinct, but after getting off the phone with her and checking on my kids, I went upstairs and literally fell to my knees pleading for the health of our child.  I prayed that whatever may be wrong, it would be something she could survive.

Over the next two weeks until my appointment, I reached out via Facebook to people and asked for their prayers.  At the time, most people had no idea what they were praying for but they did.  Countless people shared verses with me, verses that I wrote down in a journal and carried with me.  I still have them and still read them – in fact, the verse I opened this blog with came from a dear friend.  A remarkable thing happened over the course of these two weeks.  Peace.  Peace in the midst of the worst storm I had encountered in my life.  Sure, I cried and I was upset.  But God placed this overwhelming sense of peace in my heart.  No matter what happened, we’d be okay.  God had our backs.  He gave us this miracle and He was going to see us through.  Had I not been where I was on my faith journey – actively working on my relationship with God – I don’t believe I would have had the same reaction.  I would have been angry, wondering why we had to go through this.  I would have turned away from Him, not to Him.

God blessed us with a perfectly healthy little girl.  Caitlin Grace was born at 8:05am on July 23, 2014 and is perfect.

I prayed a lot before getting pregnant with Caitlin about my testimony.  I knew God was working in my life, because I was a believer, but I couldn’t pinpoint a time when I just KNEW.  March 26, 2014 changed my life forever.  Only God could orchestrate everything that led up to that moment and everything that happened after.  God gave us Caitlin Grace and I believe with all my heart that because of her, and my experience with her, I took a leap toward God that I may not have taken otherwise.

When you find yourself in a storm, turn to God.  Pray.  Trust.  Lean on Him.  Find the peace that only He can provide.

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